October 9, 2014

Makeup Artists and Services

Makeup artists work part-time or full-time depending on what their schedules are like and if they have another full-time day job. I have been a certified makeup artist for about 5 years now whereas I work as a makeup artist on a part-time basis. Being a makeup artist is surely challenging if whether you are new or a pro in the industry. There is constant competition and need to learn the latest tips and tricks to survive as a makeup artist. 

Many freelance makeup artists work on weddings and other special occasions. Others choose to work in special effects and some are a pro in all different areas of makeup artistry. I am the makeup artist who works on mostly weddings and special occasions. My experience as a makeup artist in the past 5 years have been pleasant and some what unpleasant due to the clients I have come across in those years. 

People think that we are just makeup artists doing makeup, but they tend to forget that many of us work as a makeup artist which is a source of income to us and helps us pay our bills and replenish our kits. Makeup is not cheap. I am emphasizing here "MAKEUP IS NOT CHEAP". The clients expects us to use high end products only, but tends to forget that we are the ones initially buying it and when we are charging a certain price it is to cover our costs of replenishing our kits, time, effort, travel, education, and much more. It is truly unfair that clients decide to bargain with us and this is the reason why those clients are not meant for us. We choose who we will work with and there are clients who will pay what you are worth. 

Secondly, some clients are business owners themselves and I am sure they will not be happy when a client walks in trying to cut a deal by bargaining, it is a loss for the business owner. Likewise, it is important that clients who approach a makeup artist to provide services for them should respect their profession and pay them what they are worth. Of course, we all look for better pricing and cheap offers, who does not; but at the end of the day a client has to give makeup artists some respect for taking the time to working with them, putting them in their schedule, using their products for the clients, and applying their expertise while working with the client. 

I advise all the new makeup artists and all other makeup artists that charge what you feel is right and if a client respects your work they will pay you what you are worth. Sure there are cheaper makeup artists out there, but you get what you pay for. They have to take into consideration that we are working hard and making an effort to make them look beautiful for whatever occasion it may be!