August 20, 2014

Moisturizers for Dry Skin- Top 4 Picks

I suffer from dry skin which can get terrible with changing seasons. Recently I started sticking more to my daily skincare routine with moisturizing. My main problem has always been using a moisturizer after washing my face. I have top 4 of my favorite items straight from the drugstore to keep my skin replenished without breaking the bank. These are seriously great moisturizers that can do wonders for the dry skin. 

My favorite day moisturizers: 

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer- Oil Free 

I picked this up from Walmart to use as a morning moisturizer. Now why I like this moisturizer is that it does not have SPF, so when I am home and do not want any SPF element in my moisturizer, this comes in handy. The other plus point about this moisturizer is that it is light and gets absorbed into the skin instantly. It has no heavy consistency which makes it perfect to use before the SPF moisturizer for extra hydration before makeup application. The fragrance is very light and not overbearing. In addition to that, this is an oil free moisturizer and I like to have one moisturizer in my collection to be oil free. This is priced $5.29 at most Walmart stores regular price with no discounts or coupons. 

Garnier Skin Renew with SPF 28 Anti-Sun Damage 

I have been using this moisturizer for about 2 years with great results and hope that I won't be discontinued. The reason why I like this moisturizer is that it works well with my dry skin and it moisturizes very well. The added benefit with this is that it is anti-sun damage which means it reduces the dark sun spots with continuous use. The fragrance is light and perfect. It surely is not greasy and application is smooth, whereas it gets absorbed in the skin very quickly. This is not an oil free lotion. The color of this lotion is white. I got this too at Walmart for $10.59 with $2 off coupon. What a great bargain and saving ! 

My favorite night moisturizers: 

Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Serum 

I am not sure how many people are aware of the brand Boots which is based out of United Kingdom.  They launched their skincare and makeup line about 6 years ago in the USA at Walgreens and Target location. I do not use many of their products, but I like the Experts line which is much affordable to me. I decided to pick up the sensitive hydrating serum. I like that it is fragrance free and comes in a nice bottle with a pump. The serum has a nice consistency and white in color. It is a little thick for me to wear during the day, so I just use this in the night after cleansing my face. It is surely hydrating and works well for dry skin...this is not oil free. I picked this up at Target for $7.49 no discounts or coupons. 

Oil of Olay Firming Night Cream

This is my favorite night moisturizer because I feel since its nice and creamy it shouldn't be worn during the day because it can make your face look greasy with makeup. I opt to use this at night after using the Boots hydrating serum. The cream has a nice light fragrance and is creamy, plus it gets absorbed into the skin well. It makes your skin really soft in the morning and believe it or not a little radiant. I am not sure of the firming factor, because I do not have sagging or wrinkled skin. I cannot speak about the firming aspect, though it is a great night moisturizer for a nice hydration and replenished looking skin. I purchased this at Kmart on sale for $8.09 it originally costs about $10.00 -$12.00. 

This was my quick drugstore roundup on moisturizer for dry skin type. To all those looking for affordable skincare products without breaking the bank all for dry skin.