August 4, 2014

The Wedding: First Wedding in the Family

Unfortunately I was overwhelmingly busy with the first wedding in the family and have not been able to post much on the blog. Now that the wedding is over and all the craziness is done I decided it was a good idea to post something about the wedding and share my experience. 

Stage arrangement for the bride and groom 

Of course all weddings are hectic which involves lots of planning, choosing outfits, the venue, and getting all the guests together in order to make the wedding perfect. I have never mentioned my background within the blog- I am originally South Asian/Middle Eastern. In every South Asian/Middle Eastern wedding it is usually a family affair rather than the focus being on the "Bride" and "Groom" only. In the South Asian/Middle Eastern cultures parents of both the bride and groom is responsible for arranging the whole wedding which includes getting the wedding rings, venue planning, gifts, and how the whole event would be planned out in general. The bride and groom of course have to approve whatever will be done eventually, but most of the  green bucks are invested by the families! 

Guest arrangement 

I was extremely excited about this wedding in particular because it was the first wedding in the family and top it off it was my sister who was getting married. I never imagined that this day would come soo soon that she will be embarking on a new journey in her life. The event was divided into 3 days where day 1 was the "Henna Ceremony" followed by the wedding called "Shaadi or Farha (Far7a), and finally the reception. South Asian/Middle Eastern weddings have the tendency go on till wee hours and I would not get to my hotel room before 4 A.M. My schedule was mostly hectic because I was responsible for doing 
makeup for about 5 people and myself. Phew that is a lot to accomplish for all 3 days but whenever I did the makeup for each person, they were very satisfied which made me smile. 

Beautiful flower arrangements for the guest seating area 

The arrangements were stunning and the food was amazingly delicious. I must applaud the chefs at the banquet hall for satisfying the guests with finger licking food. I was balled over the "Curry Pakora" which reminded my of my aunt's cooking. Each day had a different type of menu which did not allow for repeats. 

Bride and sister (Bride in red of course)

Looking back at the time when the wedding was being planned to when it was accomplished it was just great and a happy moment for the whole family. We were all together and it was time to celebrate.