August 5, 2014

Pro Memberships: Discounts - M.A.C, Smasbhbox, NYX, and Bobbi Brown)

When we are thinking about launching our own business as a makeup artist or about to complete a cosmetology program, we quickly begin to think how to afford the expensive products at a reasonable cost. Well not to worry because there are many high end brand name makeup companies who offer pro or student discounts and it is definitely worth looking into. 

First up we have MAC. Every makeup artist or student usually first goes ahead and stocks up on MAC products for their clientele or potential clientele. Generally MAC products are great and especially their custom palettes for eyeshadows and blush. 

If you have a MAC pro discount most makeup artists can easily get 40% off each product purchased under the MAC pro discount program. Students and other professionals can receive 30%. Sometimes the promotion is great online when they offer free shipping on all products without minimum, which usually happens during holiday seasons.  MAC pro discounts cannot be applied to sale or discounted items. MAC offers basic 1 year membership for $35.00 USD and $65.00 USD for 2 years. Students get 12 months enrollment which is $15.00 USD. MAC allows you to renew your membership online but  if the lapse period of 90 days has passed, then a new application has to be mailed with industry involvement proof.  Check the website below for more details and how to obtain an application. Canadian residents can apply for a MAC pro card as well. 

Smashbox is another great makeup company that has a pro discount card program for makeup artists. The only downfall here is that Smashbox does not have a standalone store which means all pro discounts can be applied to online shopping only. Smashbox products are carried by Sephora, but you cannot use the pro discount card at Sephora stores. Generally, Smashbox offers free shipping on all orders and that saves us some money. Just with MAC, Smashbox is the same you cannot use the pro discount on products that are on sale or discounted. Smashbox offers 3 levels of membership (VIP (40%) Freelancer(30%), and Student(20%) and each of them need different set of proofs to be approved. Check the link below on how to apply online first.

Moving on to NYX..I actually like NYX products because they have quality products at reasonable pricing and are now being sold at CVS and Target stores. Nothing to get excited about though because not all products found online can be purchased in stores. NYX discount can be applied to online purchases because most NYX products are sold at ULTA, CVS, and Target locations and the pro discount cannot be used there. There is a professional discount application available online that has to be mailed with professional proof. NYX pro discount program offers 30% discount on total purchase online on their official website only.  I personally like NYX products and they are great plus the discount..cannot get any better.  The link below will provide more details on how to apply and an application.

Finally we have Bobbi Brown. I actually did not know that Bobbi Brown offered profession discount until I contacted them online and was able to enroll in the pro discount program. Bobbi Brown offers 40% discount to all those enroll and their website has great information on if you qualify. As with every pro discount program you need to have current and valid proof to apply. The discount can only be applied online on their official website. Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold at Macy, Nordstrom, and other department stores, but the discount cannot be applied.

I hope the information provided will be of great benefit, whether you are building a new makeup kit or want to add it to your kit in general the discount program can save you tremendous amounts of money. Makeup artists and cosmetology students should totally apply for these discount programs and save that money !!