August 21, 2014

Photo Editing Apps- Top 6 Photo Editing App- Smartphone

Today we all have smartphones that offer us various ways to edit our pictures and make them look beautiful. Many people look for apps that clarify their face, smooth out wrinkles and the list goes on. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and all these photo editing apps are available within Google Play Store. I am sure these apps are available on iPhones as well.. just check the App Store. 

Here we go...

Perfect 365

The first time I tried this telling you I fell in love with this. It smooths out the skin, there is face foundation selector available, blush, and eye makeup features. 
This app will change the way your pictures look and you will be surprised how well it really works. This app is available for free with iPhone and Samsung. 

Fotorus - Collage Maker 

I like to use this app to make variety of collages and their new feature have great amounts of stickers, you can add text to your pictures. I love the filters this app has to offer and I especially love the beauty filter. The filter intensity can be controlled as well. This app is available for free as well on iPhone and Samsung. 


I recently downloaded this app on my phone after coming across it in the Google App Store. This app is great to smooth out fine lines to the "T", there are great amounts of filters available as well, and you can blur out the background. I frequently use this app to blur out the background if I want to emphasize on certain object in the picture or the face. This app does have a cost and is available in the Google App Store for $2.99. iPhone should have this app as well you can check the app store. 


I recently started playing around with this app and it does have some very nice filters and I personally use it for the filters, but there isn't anything else in the app such as fixing the wrinkles, smoothing the face etc. This app is actually meant for Facebook, but I just like to use it for pictures other than Facebook. This app is available for free in Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. 

You Cam Makeup 

I can't praise this app enough. Its like a miracle app. It is great to brighten up your face with soft to intense makeup looks. It has features such as foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and eyelash applications. I am in love with this app. It works great and have not had any issues with it as of now. This is available in the Google Play Store for free and should be available in the iPhone App Store. 


This app is great if you do not want to crop pictures in order to add it on many of the social media websites. I like this app because I can keep my picture in its original form and save it for later. This app is available for free in the Google Play Store. I am not  sure if it is available on iPhone App Store. 

Perfect You Cam 

This app is great as well, it has filters and you can also beautify your pictures because it has the makeup application aspect to it. It allows you to apply foundation, blush, and smooth out your pictures to a certain extent. This app is available for free in the Google App Store and should be available in the iPhone App Store. 

This was my top 6 favorite photo editing app that is available on most tablets and smartphones. These apps are available for free which is great, expect for a few of them. These apps just change the look of your pictures and you have to play around a  bit to understand how these apps work.