August 7, 2014

Elf Stippling Brush vs. MUA Makeup Academy Stippling Brush

I was recently shopping at CVS to check out what could I buy with my extra bucks coupon and came across MUA Makeup Academy Cosmetics display. In the past I had only heard of MUA Makeup Academy online. This brand is originally from United Kingdom. So here we go...

Now I am reviewing the Elf stippling brush vs. MUA Makeup Academy stippling brush. 
Thinking of the Elf stippling brush, I bought it at Target for merely $3.00 which is a reasonable price and I got nothing to lose. The stippling brush is size small whereas the larger stippling brush is sold online. The MUA Makeup Academy stippling brush originally costs $16.00 at CVS and thinking of $16.00 that is quiet expensive for a drugstore brand brush. Though I was lucky and got it at a much reasonable price after applying CVS coupon discount, 25% off, and $5.00 extra bucks. 

Elf vs. MUA stippling brush 

Elf stippling brush is smaller which makes it great to apply serums or moisturizers, but not large enough to apply foundation. It is also a good size to apply highlighter to the face. The MUA stippling brush is rather larger and has more bristles so you can definitely apply or soften your foundation out with this brush. I was actually disappointed with the quality of the MUA Makeup Academy stippling brush because it  shed a lot considering that it costs about $16.00. I decided to clean my brush and then try again, the shedding did stop considerably. Considering the price of Elf stippling brush, it did not shed initially or even after I cleaned my brush. MUA Makeup Academy brush once cleaned, it did not stay true to its shape, whereas the Elf brush has stayed true to it's shape despite being cleaned many times. Initially, I was going to buy more of the MUA Makeup Academy brushes, but the price tag it comes with at a drugstore would make me want to think twice and also the shedding of bristles. 
I am actually more content with my Elf brushes which have lasted me for almost 3 years now and still going strong. 

Elf vs MUA stippling brush 

After comparing and using these two brushes for sometime, I honestly believe the more expensive a brush is does not make the quality better and sometimes cheaper brushes can fare better than the expensive brushes.