August 20, 2014

Daily Brush Cleaner

Daily Brush Cleaner 

I never really liked spending money on brush cleansers and whenever I did, they were too disappointing. They are over priced and the brush bristles begin to shed like crazy. This is why I decided to create something that is cheap, reasonable, and can be used in between clients or washing brushes to get makeup off the brushes. 

The DIY brush cleaner requires: filtered water, rubbing alcohol (I am using 70%), Tresmmee split end remedy spray, baby shampoo, dishwashing liquid (I used with antibacterial agents or you can replace this with Softsoap antibacterial, and finally one spray bottle). 

How to make it: 

1/2 cup of filtered water 
3/4 cup rubbing alcohol 
1tsp leave in conditioner 
1tsp baby shampoo
1tsp dishwashing detergent 

Put all these ingredients into the spray bottle and shake it well. Once all this is mixed well together, then you can spray it directly on the brush bristles and wipe it off in a paper towel. This is a non rinse formula and be careful not to add too much of the shampoo or dishwashing detergent as it can make the formula sticky.