May 4, 2014

Conair Sonic Skincare Solution

Conair Skincare Solution: True Glow 

There has been a wave of different skincare devices that have come out in the market and of course not everyone can afford what is advertised. When Clarasonic was introduced many women found this to be a revolution in skincare routine. Well...many skincare companies jumped on the bandwagon to create skincare devices that does the job, but also caters to women who live on a budget. 

I was very happy to get my hands on Conair's Sonic Skincare Solution System. I came across this device for the first time at my local Target store, but the price seemed way beyond my budget and I did not read any reviews on it that would make me splurge on the device. During the first couple of days I contemplated on whether I should really invest in a skincare device...I mean which woman does not want their skin to glow and be blemish free. I was finally able to purchase this online and I think it was the best decision I made. 

Let me begin by telling you the benefits of Conair's Sonic Skincare Solution. 

It is WATERPROOF ...YEAHHH which is an added bonus because it can be used inside the shower. Mind you there are many other skincare devices on the market, but are not waterproof. The second best thing about this device is is that it has 3 speed settings (Low, Medium, High) which gives you a deep skin cleansing experience. It is rechargeable WOW no more batteries required. This device has a 60 second timer which allows you to get a complete cleansing experience by not damaging a particular spot on your face. Conair's Sonic Skincare Solution comes with 2 brush heads for the face and body. The device has 300 oscillations per second for professional cleansing results at home. It is recommended the brush heads be replaced every 3 months. 

What I love about this device is that it can be used on the body. Women who deal with dry skin on their bodies or have problems with cellulite this will help turnover the dead skin very quickly. I have experienced softer skin on my body that I had ever felt by just using body lotion. I use it 2x a week on my body especially where there is dead skin such as elbows and areas with cellulite. Besides skin feeling soft and amazing, makeup application has been smoother and better after using this device for 2 weeks now. 

How I have been using this device with my skincare routine...
I use it every night on medium speed to completely remove all the leftover makeup and dirt from the whole day's activities. I was amazed at how soft it left my skin, but also brightened the look of my skin. It does not have to be charged everyday because it does last for over a month without charging. The directions state the device has to be charged 16 hours prior to first use. The device comes with its own rechargeable stand and cord. 

I was able to purchase Conair's Sonic Skincare Solution online through Ebay for just $30.00 with free shipping. The replacement brush heads can be easily purchased online as well through Amazon, Ebay, and Conair's official website. I truly do not regret investing in this device at a much lower price than many other skincare devices. This is for all those women wanting to try out a skincare device at home at a cheaper price. I would totally recommend this to women looking to invest in something amazing for their skin to glow and feel beautiful.