December 27, 2013

Smashbox Soft Light Beauty Exposed Palette

Smashbox Exposed Palette 

Finding the perfect pigmented eyeshadows is always tricky. There are very few eyeshadows that are well pigmented and live up to it's expectations. I recently purchased Smashbox Exposed Palette which was available on the official website of Smashbox. I purchased this palette for two simple reasons: I wanted a high end brand name eyeshadow in my collection and that the shades in this palette is perfect for creating neutral looks. The palette costs about: $39.00 though now they have launched a new version of this product called "Full Exposed" $49.00. 

The pros: 

1. Great to create neutral and subtle looks 
2. Two shades that are great for highlighting the brow bone 
3. Creates soft looks for everyday wear 

The cons: 

1. Expensive for those on budget 
2. Usually not on sale 
3. Limited shades 

My favorite shades in this particular palette are: moonstone, marble, and oak. I use these shades to create neutral everyday looks. They are easy to blend and smooth. I prefer to use the darker colors on my crease and lighter shades on inner corner of my eyes. The moonstone is my brow highlighter and gives my eyes a much more complete finish with brightening effect. 

I personally liked the pigmentation of this palette and it is worth the investment if you really want something that you can use it everyday. I highly recommend this for makeup artists too because this has been my HG with brides. They love that this palette created the soft look but something that would also look great in pictures. On the other hand, I highly recommend you use a well setting primer. Refer to eyeshadow review post. I have used Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance Primer in the picture below to bring out the true pigment of this eyeshadow palette.