December 26, 2013

Secrets of Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Secrets of Long Lasting Eyeshadow Coverage 

When I used to work at a local beauty department store many women used to approach me asking how I managed to keep my eyeshadow so bright without a single sign of creasing. I asked them did they ever consider using an eyeshadow primer? I was amazed at the look these women would give me in surprise. I recommended that they start using an eyeshadow primer to keep their eyeshadow in place and giving it true vibrancy. 

I am reviewing three eyeshadow primer brands: Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance Primer, Fergie Eyeshadow Primer, and NYX Skintone Eyeshadow Base. Let me first begin with the texture of each eyeshadow primer. Of course, Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer is available online and at Sephora locations. The average price of the primer is $25.00-$30.00. It has a nice creamy and fine texture that can be blended easily. You can of course use your fingers which is the easiest way to blend for me. Everyone has their own method. 

Fergie Eyeshadow Primer is a drugstore product available at CVS and is part of the Wet n Wild Cosmetics collection. I actually had high expectations from this primer, but I was a bit disappointed. The consistency is blend-able but after wearing it through out the day, the results were disappointing. My eyeshadow was creased and the vibrancy was completely gone. Even when I applied the eyeshadow it dried off making it hard for the eyeshadow to blend at all. The cost of this primer is $3.99-$4.49. 

NYX Skintone Primer comes in a small jar with lots of product in it which will last you a long time. It is available online on the official website or at ULTA stores. Each jar costs about $3.99-$5.99. I usually just take a little product and blend it with my finger. It has a nice creamy texture and smooth blending. Even though it has a nice creamy texture I would not be using it on a regular basis because it does not work well in showing pigment of the eyeshadow. 

In general, I would highly recommend Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance Primer because it has a more blend-able consistency and the best for oily eyelids. If you are someone like me that suffers from oily eyelids and has a hard time keeping eyeshadow in place, this is the product for you. It is worth the investment plus you can't go wrong because it will last you for a long time.